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1000 Miles for 2014: February

February was a tough month for running.  After the transfer I had to take about ten days off from running until my blood tests confirmed the pregnancy.  While I was ahead to begin with, I quickly fell back.  Then after the blood tests were confirmed I became very ill.  It was almost like the flu, except I didn’t have a fever and my joints were stiff and felt like they were burning from the inside. I was beyond tired and miserable.  I also had two very large spider bites on my right hip…I think they might have been involved.  So, between the embryo transfer and being ill, I was couched for two solid weeks.  Pulling my mileage back in front of the pace bunny required some moderate daily mileage and no rest days.  The wind chill has dipped back below zero once again, and my head congestion hasn’t fully cleared out yet, but I managed to actually do it.

I have completed the second month with a YTD total of 162.4, that’s 2.5 measly miles ahead of the pace bunny.  Check it for yourself (hint: I am user mazyfive)!