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A New Mind Set for a New Year

Happy New Year!
2014 was not the best year for our family, though not the worst. I would say it was rather stagnant,  unproductive,  and fraught with stress.  That is why Hubs and I have decided to actively seek a better life for ourselves and our kids.

We have resolved to make serious changes to our financial situation.  While it won’t be fun, we are prepared to give up all the frills and cut back on as much as we can get away with to apply large chuncks to our debts and to re-build the kids’ college fund.  That means paying off two vehical loans, reducing student loans by almost a third, and settinng aside $500 for college.  It will be tough, but with planning and drive we can do it.

We have also resolved to clean up our mess! We have a lot of stuff, a lot of clutter, and yet we seem to always be wanting.  Wanting more space, wanting more furniture, wanting more storage, wanting more time.  Hubs spent a lot of the holiday break by cleaning, sorting, and arranging the basement and today we went through the living/play room.  A bookshelf was repaired (instead of replaced), storage bins were put together to contain board books and puzzels, and broken toys were discarded.  We plan to go through one room a week to honestly review each and every item we own.  Our goal is to reduce our stuff by about half.  It might not really be attainable,  however, I think that giving ourselves a whole year to do it will give us the time to make decisions and to truly evaluate what we really need and want in life.  We are also adopting an item-in-item-out policy, especially with the toys and clothes.

I personally am resolving to let go of some of my stress, bitterness, nervousness,  and general angst.  My resolution is to embrace the happy and productive person inside me.  One of the tools I’ll be using is a gift from my brother.  I was given a copy of Wreck This Journal. I think this will help me let out tension, creativity, and redefine some rules I’ve set for myself that aren’t necessarily the healthiest. I’ve also taken up keeping a daily diary once again which helps to keep me organized and grounded (bills, chores, appointments, etc), and allows me to reflect on the ordinary and mundane things in life. The last two weeks alone of writing have given me a renewed sense of purpose and worth, so it is certainly something I will continue.

Other things I’d like to get out of 2015:
Read more classic literature (at least one a month)
Run a few more road races
Maintain a garden
Paint the bedrooms

Here’s to a healthy, prosperous, and relaxing new year!


1000 Miles for 2014: June

Believe it or not but I’m still at it! While I’m a measly half mile ahead of the “pace bunny”, I am ahead nonetheless.  I’m now at 504.5 miles!

I’ve also loafed the Sworkit app into my smartphone and have been doing workouts (most core and yoga) on there. I like the app because it has a social networking vibe (you can follow and “like” users and workouts, this post to your profile like a “wall”, & you can comment in forums), you can create your own workouts,  and you can search workouts based on target areas or type. I also like that a lot of workouts are about ten minutes so I can fit them in randomly throughout my day… if the kids are busy I can do two or three, if not, one for now and another later on.

Keep on keepin’ on!

1000 Miles for 2014: May

We are now half way through the year and, despite my ups and downs over the last few months, I think I’m doing okay.  I ended the month of May with 117.7 miles. That means I am at a grand total of 435.6 since the start of the year with the pace bunny trailing at 416.3.  (Wait, why aren’t we at 500 yet? It sure feels like I’ve done 500 this month alone!!) Hooray! I am still ahead of the game, for now.  I haven’t had a whole lot of motivation to run, probably due to lack of purpose.  Thankfully the local 5ks will pick up and give me something to look forward to!  Keep running, friends!

P.S. How are your New Years Resolutions coming along?

1000 Miles for 2014: February

February was a tough month for running.  After the transfer I had to take about ten days off from running until my blood tests confirmed the pregnancy.  While I was ahead to begin with, I quickly fell back.  Then after the blood tests were confirmed I became very ill.  It was almost like the flu, except I didn’t have a fever and my joints were stiff and felt like they were burning from the inside. I was beyond tired and miserable.  I also had two very large spider bites on my right hip…I think they might have been involved.  So, between the embryo transfer and being ill, I was couched for two solid weeks.  Pulling my mileage back in front of the pace bunny required some moderate daily mileage and no rest days.  The wind chill has dipped back below zero once again, and my head congestion hasn’t fully cleared out yet, but I managed to actually do it.

I have completed the second month with a YTD total of 162.4, that’s 2.5 measly miles ahead of the pace bunny.  Check it for yourself (hint: I am user mazyfive)!

1000 Miles for 2014: January

My New Year’s Resolution is to run 1000 miles in the year 2014.  It shouldn’t be too hard to do since it is less than 3 miles a day or less than 20 miles a week.  However, planning for my surrogacy, I know that I will have plenty of time off and will not be training for any marathons this year, so I feel it’s a good challenge.

I wasn’t as gung-ho about my goal until the middle of the month, which is too bad because I could have put in some extra miles to get myself ahead.  But the dark mornings and sub zero degrees were a real goal deterrent and I often opted to sleep in.  Whomp, whomp, whomp!

After getting used to getting out there in the dark, and dressing properly for a Polar Vortex, I was able to recommit and get a few good runs in.  I am proud to say that yesterday, January 31st, I was able to finish the month with a grand total of 84.5 miles, which means that I am ahead!  Today’s long run of 13.2 miles as already put me ahead for the first week in February.

What are your goals or resolutions for 2014? Are you still sticking to them, or have you already fallen behind?