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An Embryo is Transfered

The past week has been a whirlwind of craziness.  On Monday Hubs’ parents flew in from FL to watch the kids. In the wee hours of Tuesday morning Hubs & I got up and went to the airport to fly to San Francisco.  Wednesday we toured Napa Valley.  Thursday was the embryo transfer followed by bed rest.  Friday was back to touring San Francisco.  Saturday we flew as far as Chicago, but issues with the plane landed us & kept us overnight.  Sunday was back to flying home to CT.  Monday we lounged around until Hubs’ parents had to fly back.  It’s now Tuesday again and I’m exhausted!

Thursday the 6th was a very amazing day.  Because there is a three hour time difference, I was waking up wicked early. So at 3:33am my eyes were wide open.  I was nervous and excited.  Time crawled.  There weren’t any decent posts on Facebook or anything terribly riveting on TV.  Eventually the sun came up but it brought a heavy rain with it.  Everything outside was cold, wet, slate.  I met up with Steve, the Intended Father (IF) at 7:30 in the hotel lobby for a short run along the bay before we headed to Chinatown for breakfast.fertilitycenter.jpgWe arrived at the fertility clinic at 11am.  We being Steve and Sara (IPs), Anna (Sara’s sister & interpreter), Hubs and myself.  By 11:30 Sara and I were taken into a wee tiny little room where I changed from the waist down into a pre-warmed blanket.  Within a few minutes an interpreter and a technician came in to do an ultrasound of my uterus and bladder, which by now was quite full.  Then the endocrinologist came in to verify that we matched the paperwork.  When she was satisfied that we were who we said we were she stepped out and another doctor stepped in.   The technician held the ultrasound wand against my belly and the doctor inserted the speculum.  She then rinsed and swabbed my cervix, which I have to admit was a bit awkward and slightly uncomfortable.  Once my cervix was nice and clean the endocrinologist stuck an arm back in the door and handed the doctor one baby boy blastocyte.  It was inserted through a catheter and a television monitor illustrated what was happening down below. I was mesmerized by the images.  I hadn’t realized that I’d actually get to watch!  I know it wasn’t the actual embryo, nothing more than an air bubble behind it, but it was very easy to imagine it representing the little seed of the soon to be baby.  Sara didn’t say anything but her smile was enormous.

Everyone left the room and I remained to lay back and wait.  I stayed reclining for about 20 minutes or so before I was allowed to get back up.  After some more paperwork was completed, we headed back to the hotel.  That was it.  That quick.  That painless.  That easy!

I spent the rest of the day on bed rest, which I have to admit was incredibly boring.  I was a bit glad for the rain so I didn’t really feel like I was missing too much.  Hubs got bored in no time, so I told him to go roam.  He and the IPs went off into the city for playing and dining while I sipped homemade chicken soup in the hotel room watching daytime television.  The hardest part of bed rest was that I didn’t FEEL anything! I didn’t feel pregnant or sick, I didn’t even have any cramping.  In fact, I felt great.  I felt ready to go run a marathon…except that all this laying around put a kink in my back and made my legs stiff.  I was actually elated once it was bedtime so I could just shut my brain off and be done with the day.

Waking up early on Friday to the realization that I could not going running through the streets of San Francisco was a bit of a bummer.  Check that; it was a serious bummer.  While it’s hard to be forced to take it easy for a week or so it’s just incredible to know that there is a tiny miracle inside of me getting ready to grow.  I have to say, after my exhausting week, I am very impressed with science.