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Time to Get to Work – But First, Must Organize…

School started less than a week ago for the kiddos and now even #3 is off to the great world of education! Okay, she’s in half day preschool, but still! That’s almost three hours, five days a week of ME TIME. Which means, finally Momma can get to work —  you know, that thing called writing?

I have been experiencing all sorts of excuses for the past, well, for a long time now, when it comes to the writing gig. At first it was the kids underfoot and being too tired to commit to it at night. Then it was the computer crashing issues. Then it was because my keyboard wasn’t good enough. Then, then, then….let’s face it, I’m just not as motivated as I’d like to think I am. I did get back in the right direction last Spring and worked most days, even on the weekends to keep the word count going. It wasn’t great, but hey, that’s what editing is for, right? But then school let out and I had all three kids home all the time. And then Hubs had to take his laptop to work on a regular basis. And then we opted to forgo cable & Internet (except for our phones) to save some money over the summer. All blogging, journals, and manuscript writing came to a halt.

Hubs is great. He saved up several pennies and got me a new laptop. All mine. No games downloaded for the kids, no keyboard issues, no sharing with work. BAM! Like, six excuses were taken care of with one purchase.
wpid-wp-1441130270654.jpg Yay!

I played with it a bit here and there. I got Windows 10 loaded up (still not sure how I feel about that). I got a new phone and figured out how to use it as a WIFI hot spot and get online. I set up a cute background and screen saver. I really looked forward to the first day of school so I could devote my “free time” to writing again. So I could be “productive” again. My goal is to finish the manuscript before school is out for the summer next year and use the summer (evenings) to edit and re-write. I made notes in my head, organized my outlines, came up with some awesome plot lines. Finally the first day of school rolled around!
wpid-wp-1441128899549.jpg This was the most welcome sight!

But you know what? I got nothing done. I didn’t know how to readjust myself to this new routine, even though I’d been obsessing about it for three weeks! I tried to get all my chores done in the morning (while my daughter was still home) and tried to sit down right after I dropped her off at school. But there was always something; a load of laundry needed to be folded, chickens needed to be dealt with, supper needed to be planned out. I’d run errands instead of coming straight back to my desk. It’s easier to go to the farm to pick tomatoes or forage for wild grapes if you aren’t dragging a three year old along. It’s faster to return those over due library books and DVDs by yourself. The canning, pickling, baking, etc. needs to happen sometime, right?
wpid-wp-1441128930115.jpg About to be ketchup.
wpid-wp-1441129010331.jpgThe cuteness of homesteading.

My goodness. I’ve created even MORE excuses due to my “free time”! So, before I do anything, I am going to knuckle down (while my tomatoes are simmering on the stove) and create my own plan of attack. My kids have a schedule. My husband has a routine. Heck, even the animals have a check-list. Since I’m the ring master running this show, I suppose it is only wise if I adhere to one as well. I will be putting my calendar reminders and list making skills to good use so I can get a lot of the distractions out of the way and keep my time on the clock actually focused on writing, and getting that dang story on paper and out of my head!


Thankful #9: Fellow Writers

Sometimes I have to take a break from writing. Writing, for me, is like a roller coaster ride. I start off slowly inching my way up the first big hill, clickety-clacking all the way as anticipation and excitement mount. I hover at the crest for a moment, weightless and giddy. And then the plummet back to Earth begins. The coaster rattles on it’s track as it picks up speed and I fear derailment. When I sling shot through a loop-de-loop I wonder if I’ll make it back through or fall out of my seat. The ups and downs and upside downs of writing can be thrilling as well as traumatizing. While I may be the writer, I am most certainly just along for the ride.

Sometimes I get really stuck with writing too. I occasionally get writer’s block or write myself into a corner. Other times I’ll end up lost within my own plot and have to stop & ask for directions on how to get back out. If I find myself struggling with writing for any reason, I find that a book is almost always the answer. In fact, I have found that reading is a writer’s greatest tool. I’ve always had some issues with writing and sleeping. When I really get going on a story I can easily get carried away by it. I’ll either be up at 2am, furiously tapping away at the keyboard, or I’ll be up at 2am trying to shake off the sweat from a bad dream. Either way, it keeps me from sleeping which, as you can guess, causes problems with day to day life as well as the quality of my writing. And it means that I really need to take a reading break. I am thankful for everyone who writes, especially those that publish, because reading the work of others inspires me to write. It helps me get going when I’m headed up a hill, but it also brings me out of my own works, and encourages sleep. Just reading a book reminds me that I’m not alone on the ride, and that others are up late too.