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1000 Miles for 2014: November


979.8 miles!! I’m so close to my 1000 mile goal! I completed 96.4 miles in the month of November,  pulling me up so I’m a mere 20 miles from the finish.  Woo! This just may be the only New Year’s Resolution that I’ve ever actually stuck with.  There’s a first for everything,  isnt there?


1000 Miles for 2014: September, October, and a last minute half

I accidentally skipped September’s post, but I am proud to say that I logged 108.0 miles that month,  pulling me well away from the pace bunny.  October has been a little more difficult in getting runs in because my husband is in fire school which is every other weekend. He leaves at 6am and gets back around 6pm. And it’s been getting darker, causing me to skip runs in favor of safety. Still, I did manage to pull out 90.9 miles for the month of October.

I also learned about a local half marathon that was held on the Airline Trail about three weeks ago. I decided at the last minute to do it.  I was a little nervous about not actually training or preparing for it, and the fact that I could only pull off long runs every other week, I still went for it.  I calmed my nerves by trying to tell myself that it was an up tempo long run that I would be doing anyway…I would just be doing it with other people. As much as my competitive side wanted to win, I knew that having never raced a half marathon before would be difficult.  I decided that my goal time would be an hour forty,  with an ideal time of an hour thirty. My strategy was to go fairly easy for the first ten (around 7:30 mile pace) and kick out the last three.  The course was advertised as being flat and fast since the trail was an old rail road bed.  Should be easy, right?

Weeelll…..I started out comfortably near the back of the front pack. I was a little boxed in, but felt fine. I blistered through the first mile marker at 6:30.  Oops. I tried to slow down. The second marker came and went at 12:38.  Agk! I got through the five mile mark at exactly 35:00.  I still felt fine, and it was flat, so I we t with it. But just has the sixth mile marker came up I lost my footing on a rock and yanked my left hamstring.  I felt it all the way up into my back.  Then at mile seven the hill started.  It was a hill that took me all the way up to the finish line! So much for flat and fast!  Despite my soreness and fatigue, I was able to pull out a moderate kick and finish strong.

I am still waiting for official results to be posted online but I came through with a 1:35:47! Not too bad for my first time. I believe I finished 28th over all, and as the 5th female. I was 3rd inthe female submasters group and got a nifty wooden train whistle as my trophy. 

Overall, I finished 28th out of 256.
I was the 5th female out of 130.
In the 30-39 age group, I finished 3rd out of 39.


I do have to say that the race management was amazing! The towns of Hebron, Colchester, and East Haddam were fantastic. All along the trail, at every street crossing, there was police presence,  flashing lights, stop signs, yellow vests…everything to keep the runners safe.  There were also a ton of spectators that I wasn’t anticipating.  Whistles and bells, hand made signs, water stations….it was very encouraging.  There was a great post race party going on a thte finish line as well.  The finish line was at the East Haddam elementary school, so the kids got to play with my dad while I ran. The  when I crossed the line, we went to the big tent where they had a DJ, snacks & Gatorade, and hot dogs & chilly for all!  I even got a wicked cool day glow long sleeve (IN A SIZE SMALL!).  It really doesn’t get any better than that.

All in all the race was a great experience and I’m excited to come back next year to do better.
I’m also excited to be so close to the end of my 1000 mile goal! I’m currently at 896.6 miles with two months to go.
Keep on running, friends!

1000 Miles for 2014: August (and a win!)

Ok, I’m two days late, but I’ve got good news: I’m ahead again!  I finished up the month of August feeling really good with 116.4 miles.  That means that after my trail run on Sunday morning I was at a total of 684.6 miles out of the 663.9  Eat my dust Pace Bunny!

I also had a 10K race earlier in the month.  I was super excited to participate in the Hop River Run here in Andover, CT. At first I was a little nervous because I hadn’t been training at all and was afraid that I would either a) take it a little too easy and end up disappointed in my finish or b) take it too hard and end up hurting myself.  There was an option of a 5K, which was run last year and the previous year’s results looked like I’d do well, or a 10K which would be a first time race. I had a hard time deciding; do I opt for the shorter but faster race or the longer but slower race?  In the end I went for the 10K and I’m glad I did!  I easily set out with the lead pack and before the second mile had pulled away from the crowd.  Two men were ahead of me in sight until the turn around.  I remained in third place, running all alone, until the finish.  I held a solid pace the entire way.  I finished third over all and first for the women.  I was about 30 or so seconds ahead of 4th place and about a minute to a minute and a half ahead of the second female.  My time was 44:26.  Not great, but a solid run and not bad for a first time event.  It certainly boosted my ego and reignited that fire to get me out the door and running.  I needed that more than anything. I also won a nifty running cap with LED lights in the brim in lieu of a trophy.  Super cool.

It’s been hot, it’s been humid, but I’m going to push on through the rest of this year and complete my goal.  Only 4 more months to go!

1000 Miles for 2014: July

I’ve slacked this month. I was tired. I was injured. I was hot. And now I’m playing catch up with the Pace Bunny. PB is at 579.2 miles as of this morning, while my four mile trail run put me at 568.2.

It’s hard to stay with your goals, especially if you fall behind.  I’ve always been a sore loser and usually would come up with all kinds of reasons and excuses to quit right now. But this time I’m not going to.  11 miles behind isn’t an impossible gap. But I know I’ll never close it and ultimately fail if I don’t keep at it. And every day that I don’t run puts almost 3 more miles between us.

2014 ain’t over yet!  If you’ve fallen off the horse with your New Year’s Resolutions, get back up, renew your attitude, and push on!

Let’s do this!

1000 Miles for 2014: June

Believe it or not but I’m still at it! While I’m a measly half mile ahead of the “pace bunny”, I am ahead nonetheless.  I’m now at 504.5 miles!

I’ve also loafed the Sworkit app into my smartphone and have been doing workouts (most core and yoga) on there. I like the app because it has a social networking vibe (you can follow and “like” users and workouts, this post to your profile like a “wall”, & you can comment in forums), you can create your own workouts,  and you can search workouts based on target areas or type. I also like that a lot of workouts are about ten minutes so I can fit them in randomly throughout my day… if the kids are busy I can do two or three, if not, one for now and another later on.

Keep on keepin’ on!

1000 Miles for 2014: May

We are now half way through the year and, despite my ups and downs over the last few months, I think I’m doing okay.  I ended the month of May with 117.7 miles. That means I am at a grand total of 435.6 since the start of the year with the pace bunny trailing at 416.3.  (Wait, why aren’t we at 500 yet? It sure feels like I’ve done 500 this month alone!!) Hooray! I am still ahead of the game, for now.  I haven’t had a whole lot of motivation to run, probably due to lack of purpose.  Thankfully the local 5ks will pick up and give me something to look forward to!  Keep running, friends!

P.S. How are your New Years Resolutions coming along?

1000 Miles for 2014: April

Sadly, April was a bummer of a month for me. The miscarriage and D&C at the beginning of the month caused a lot of cramping which running seemed to exacerbate. I also fought to tame the plantar fasciitis which flared up (probably because of the 600 or so miles on my shoes!). I also took the time off to nurse my sinus infection that had been inflicting me for weeks on end.  When I did run I was tired, stiff, or just not in the mood, so most of my runs where fairly short jogs of nothing more than three miles. Yeah, I know, whiney excuses!

I ended the month with a mere 47.2 miles, which means all the lead I had gained last month is out the window. The Pace Bunny is at 329.8 while I am at 324.2 miles. I’m not too far behind to catch up and I know I can get back in the lead with a couple of long runs. Now that I’m healthy, I need to recommit and possibly find a race or two to keep motivated. But I also know I have to keep the bad moods at bay; suck it up and keep going!

May is going to be a productive month with speed, strength, distance, piece of mind, and possibly some trophies!