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Let’s Have a F-AB-ulous February!

wpid-wp-1423149681986.jpegThat’s what it looks like outside my house right now. I am literally up to my eyeballs in snow! My picket fence is almost gone and you can’t even find my driveway.  There is no way to get to my shed that houses my Bowflex, weights, and treadmill. The path in the woods is waste deep and the shoulders on the roads are almost nonexistent.  What’s a girl to do?!

Out of safety,  I have given up on my running goals for the time being.  I’m not afraid of negative degree temps and I’m not afraid of slush.  But I am afraid of snow plows.  So, I need to find another way to keep myself in shape until I can hit the pavement again in the Spring.

Santa gave me a new bands set, and thankfully my lazy self never got them to the gym shed before the snow crashed down on us.  I also still have my trusty yoga mat in the closet, as well as some lovely videos and inspiration from the Internet.  There are a lot of options to stay healthy and get fit, even when you are under 3 feet of snow.


My mom belly needs a bit of assistance, so the abs and core will be my target area for the month of February…or as I’m going to call it, FABruary!

I’ll be using this lovely calendar from the DailyHiit Blog:
FABulous February Daily HiitI will be following my crunches with the 21 Day Bands Workout from Perfect Online using these puppies: wpid-wp-1423149702663.jpegAND, I will be ending my day with a video from the Ripped Page on Facebook.  She posts a new awesome workout video almost every day, so there is something new all the time.  And they are easy to modify and do in your own living room!  Plus, she is gorgeous and I wouldn’t mind have her ripped abs – they are FABulous! wpid-wp-1423150390769.jpeg

So, if all of that doesn’t make my tummy a little tighter and burn a few calories, then I don’t know what will!  It may not be a 15 mile run, but I’m sure it will be fun and satisfying nonetheless.  And we’ll be bringing out the crop tops in March!


1000 Miles for 2014: January

My New Year’s Resolution is to run 1000 miles in the year 2014.  It shouldn’t be too hard to do since it is less than 3 miles a day or less than 20 miles a week.  However, planning for my surrogacy, I know that I will have plenty of time off and will not be training for any marathons this year, so I feel it’s a good challenge.

I wasn’t as gung-ho about my goal until the middle of the month, which is too bad because I could have put in some extra miles to get myself ahead.  But the dark mornings and sub zero degrees were a real goal deterrent and I often opted to sleep in.  Whomp, whomp, whomp!

After getting used to getting out there in the dark, and dressing properly for a Polar Vortex, I was able to recommit and get a few good runs in.  I am proud to say that yesterday, January 31st, I was able to finish the month with a grand total of 84.5 miles, which means that I am ahead!  Today’s long run of 13.2 miles as already put me ahead for the first week in February.

What are your goals or resolutions for 2014? Are you still sticking to them, or have you already fallen behind?

Run for the Hills!

We moved, again, in December. I absolutely LOVE our new place and I love the running routes around here.  There are tons of great trails and hills, so I’ve been getting into shape very quickly.  My New Year’s Resolution for 2014 is to run 1000 miles.  That’s less than 3 miles a day.  This *should* be doable.

While I’ve always been a bit of a nut with running, especially tackling the toughest hills, I’ve really become obsessed with going longer, steeper, higher.  I use the MyTracks app on my phone while I run and it gives me my mile splits, total time, elevation (both total and per mile split) and percent grade.  I used to faithfully use MapMyRun, however it’s GPS isn’t working in our new area.  I get excited at the end of every run to go over my stats and see just how high (and fast) I’ve gone.  The graphs illustrating my climbs make me giddy.

Here are some screen shots from two of my favorite courses.

wpid-Screenshot_2014-01-09-07-33-31.png wpid-Screenshot_2014-01-19-21-48-52.png
(Ignore the “moving time”, I had a glitch today and didn’t run that fast! But that 764 ft of elevation sure was fun!!)

Hill Running Tips:
Hills are a fantastic way of building strength, speed, and endurance, but I understand that not everyone is as enthusiastic about them as I am.  Don’t be daunted by the steep hills; embrace them!
1. First and foremost, address the hill.  This is probably the best advice I got from my high school running camp.  One of the counselors told us that just as a baseball player must address the ball in order to hit it out of the park, so must a runner to overcome the hill.  As you approach the hill envision yourself floating over the top.  Then, look at it dead on, take a deep breath, and go for it.  I like to name my hills (I’ve named the trail hill Sampson, another Whitney, and one Hank) and I greet it.  I know it sounds silly, but grunting “Hello hill!” as I start seems to break through the mental barrier that some hills have.
2. Practice good form. Keep your shoulders & neck loose, swing your arms evenly, and shorten your stride.
3. Don’t worry about maintaining speed as much as maintaining effort.  And, if the effort needs to take a break, WALK for 20 seconds then start back up again.  Do not stop moving.
4. Mind tricks work great when the legs don’t want to.  Pick a spot up ahead and focus on it.  “If I can make it to that mail box, I’ll be good…I can reassess if I really need to stop then.”  If breathing is the problem, try doing ten to twenty lunges instead of just walking.  Trust me, running won’t seem so difficult then!  You can always just lie to yourself too.  Today I told myself “Oh, yeah. I remember this hill. It looks pretty steep but isn’t really that long.”  A mile and a half later I was at the top 🙂
5. Mix it up and don’t run the steep hills every day.  If you have no choice but to run a hill, try walking or changing speeds every couple of days and keep them in (fairly) small doses.  I’ve suffered from Achilles tendinitis for 12 years because of over doing it on the hills.  If you experience soreness, take a couple of days off from the hills.  Always trust what your body tells you.