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1000 Miles for 2014: August (and a win!)

Ok, I’m two days late, but I’ve got good news: I’m ahead again!  I finished up the month of August feeling really good with 116.4 miles.  That means that after my trail run on Sunday morning I was at a total of 684.6 miles out of the 663.9  Eat my dust Pace Bunny!

I also had a 10K race earlier in the month.  I was super excited to participate in the Hop River Run here in Andover, CT. At first I was a little nervous because I hadn’t been training at all and was afraid that I would either a) take it a little too easy and end up disappointed in my finish or b) take it too hard and end up hurting myself.  There was an option of a 5K, which was run last year and the previous year’s results looked like I’d do well, or a 10K which would be a first time race. I had a hard time deciding; do I opt for the shorter but faster race or the longer but slower race?  In the end I went for the 10K and I’m glad I did!  I easily set out with the lead pack and before the second mile had pulled away from the crowd.  Two men were ahead of me in sight until the turn around.  I remained in third place, running all alone, until the finish.  I held a solid pace the entire way.  I finished third over all and first for the women.  I was about 30 or so seconds ahead of 4th place and about a minute to a minute and a half ahead of the second female.  My time was 44:26.  Not great, but a solid run and not bad for a first time event.  It certainly boosted my ego and reignited that fire to get me out the door and running.  I needed that more than anything. I also won a nifty running cap with LED lights in the brim in lieu of a trophy.  Super cool.

It’s been hot, it’s been humid, but I’m going to push on through the rest of this year and complete my goal.  Only 4 more months to go!


1000 Miles for 2014: June

Believe it or not but I’m still at it! While I’m a measly half mile ahead of the “pace bunny”, I am ahead nonetheless.  I’m now at 504.5 miles!

I’ve also loafed the Sworkit app into my smartphone and have been doing workouts (most core and yoga) on there. I like the app because it has a social networking vibe (you can follow and “like” users and workouts, this post to your profile like a “wall”, & you can comment in forums), you can create your own workouts,  and you can search workouts based on target areas or type. I also like that a lot of workouts are about ten minutes so I can fit them in randomly throughout my day… if the kids are busy I can do two or three, if not, one for now and another later on.

Keep on keepin’ on!

1000 Miles for 2014: April

Sadly, April was a bummer of a month for me. The miscarriage and D&C at the beginning of the month caused a lot of cramping which running seemed to exacerbate. I also fought to tame the plantar fasciitis which flared up (probably because of the 600 or so miles on my shoes!). I also took the time off to nurse my sinus infection that had been inflicting me for weeks on end.  When I did run I was tired, stiff, or just not in the mood, so most of my runs where fairly short jogs of nothing more than three miles. Yeah, I know, whiney excuses!

I ended the month with a mere 47.2 miles, which means all the lead I had gained last month is out the window. The Pace Bunny is at 329.8 while I am at 324.2 miles. I’m not too far behind to catch up and I know I can get back in the lead with a couple of long runs. Now that I’m healthy, I need to recommit and possibly find a race or two to keep motivated. But I also know I have to keep the bad moods at bay; suck it up and keep going!

May is going to be a productive month with speed, strength, distance, piece of mind, and possibly some trophies!

1000 Miles for 2014: March

March wasn’t as frigid, and even though Day Light Savings Time stuck me in the dark for a little bit, I was able to log 108 miles. I’m now ahead of the pace bunny with 270.7 miles for the year so far. It feels good that, despite everything, I’m still on track with my New Year’s Resolution.

Keep running my friends!

1000 Miles for 2014: February

February was a tough month for running.  After the transfer I had to take about ten days off from running until my blood tests confirmed the pregnancy.  While I was ahead to begin with, I quickly fell back.  Then after the blood tests were confirmed I became very ill.  It was almost like the flu, except I didn’t have a fever and my joints were stiff and felt like they were burning from the inside. I was beyond tired and miserable.  I also had two very large spider bites on my right hip…I think they might have been involved.  So, between the embryo transfer and being ill, I was couched for two solid weeks.  Pulling my mileage back in front of the pace bunny required some moderate daily mileage and no rest days.  The wind chill has dipped back below zero once again, and my head congestion hasn’t fully cleared out yet, but I managed to actually do it.

I have completed the second month with a YTD total of 162.4, that’s 2.5 measly miles ahead of the pace bunny.  Check it for yourself (hint: I am user mazyfive)!

1000 Miles for 2014: January

My New Year’s Resolution is to run 1000 miles in the year 2014.  It shouldn’t be too hard to do since it is less than 3 miles a day or less than 20 miles a week.  However, planning for my surrogacy, I know that I will have plenty of time off and will not be training for any marathons this year, so I feel it’s a good challenge.

I wasn’t as gung-ho about my goal until the middle of the month, which is too bad because I could have put in some extra miles to get myself ahead.  But the dark mornings and sub zero degrees were a real goal deterrent and I often opted to sleep in.  Whomp, whomp, whomp!

After getting used to getting out there in the dark, and dressing properly for a Polar Vortex, I was able to recommit and get a few good runs in.  I am proud to say that yesterday, January 31st, I was able to finish the month with a grand total of 84.5 miles, which means that I am ahead!  Today’s long run of 13.2 miles as already put me ahead for the first week in February.

What are your goals or resolutions for 2014? Are you still sticking to them, or have you already fallen behind?