Another Home Birth Journey

My second son was an unassisted pregnancy with a (somewhat) unassisted home birth.  There were many reasons why I opted out of prenatal “care”.  It started off because we were in the middle of moving to a different state in the middle of the pregnancy, my husband switching jobs, I got a new job, health insurance was crazy in obtaining….those were some outside reasons.  Some inside reasons were different.  My first son was born in a birthing center wtih a midwife & paid for on a credit card.  (By the way, Care Credit creditcard is an awful way to go about paying for medical services!!)  Even though I had the care of a midwife, I still felt that my appointments were rushed, that my questions weren’t fully answered & that a lot of tests were done & I didn’t know why.  I had no control over my pregnancy or birth & felt that I was a body for others to poke at.  Where I live, there aren’t any birth centers in the area, & Hubs and I already determined that we were afraid of a hospital birth.  In the end, I realized that there were so many tests & procedures that I was declining that I wasn’t getting “prenatal care” anyway.  So I did it myself.  I monitored  my diet, weighed myself each week, measured  my own fundal height & generally took care of myself.  I did hire a doula who was in training to be a midwife to attend the birth in the event we would have to transfer to a hospital.  My mother also attended the birth.  Between the doula & my mom it was just like having midwives!  Needless to say, my 9.15 pound 22 inch long baby boy was born in my living room.

I didn’t record or blog about my son’s unassisted experience & I really wish I had.  So, I plan on doing so this time around.  I have found that going through a pregnancy in your own way can be so liberating, peaceful & enpowering and I’d love to share my experiences with you.  Now, before I get a lot of comments about how dangerous & selfish I am being, let’s get a few things straight:
1. Unassisted births & home births are not done for bragging rights.
2. There is always medical back-up.  Besides general practioners, ob/gyns, and midwives/doulas, there is also 911 in an emergency.  While I don’t like doctors, I really have no problems utalizing these professionals when needed (and have done so in the past).
3. A lot of tests aren’t actually necessary, especially if you have already had a child.  The biggest one I would be concerned about would be the Rh factor, and I know from having my first son that I am ok in that department.
4.  Pregnant women are NOT patients!


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