A Mouse in the House

On Sunday my kids brought a baby mouse into the house. They found him abandoned in the driveway. They wanted to give it to the cats, Lexy and Lucy, but I thought that was mean.


I searched the driveway and yard for other wee mice, but found none. This little dude was all alone. So I put him in a small container with a wash cloth and set him in a sunny spot to be warm. I assumed there was something wrong with him, which was why he was abandoned. I just figured he would die soon.


But the little guy hung on the rest of the afternoon. So…I fed him. I found a medicine dropper and diluted some milk and gave him a few drops. But, I still had little hope for him. Google says that you have to feed them every 1-2 hours. That wasn’t going to happen. I fed him his last meal at 11pm and put him in a shoe box with a book on top (to keep my overly curious cat away). I assumed he’d die by morning.

I was wrong! The little guy was up and peeping away, so I fed him again in the morning. Hubs is against keeping the baby, but we’ve grown attached to each other. I love him now. I named him Bruce Lee because he’s a kick ass little dude.


Yesterday I kept him in my sweater pocket. (Did not tell Hubs This as he already thinks I’m crazy.) This way he could stay warm, be safe from the cats, and I’d hear his first peeps when he woke up for food. Oddly, he slept most of the day and ate very little. Again, I did not expect him to make it through the night.

But I was wrong again. Bruce Lee has been very active this morning, has eaten several times, and is noticeably larger than when he was found. His eyes are still shut but he has begun grooming himself.


So yes. I now have a pet orphaned mouse named Bruce Lee.


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