We got the fever!

The Plague has hit my house. You know those colds and stomach bugs that always float around right at the end of summer and then WHAM! your otherwise perfectly healthy offspring drag it home from school with them. It started with AM over the long weekend, which was super unfortunate because we had a LOT of stuff to do. He was a trooper though and with the relief of children’s Advil, he survived. It started with the wicked headache and a mild temp that gradually climbed to an all out fever. He was unwell off and on Friday night (woke up at 5am, so he was given some Advil) and Saturday (Advil administered at some point in the mid-afternoon after soccer practice). He napped for a bit and then swore he was fine. And he seemed fine. And so we went to a Labor Day party at the lake. But then he was totally not fine once we got home. I held off an any medications until his fever spiked to 104.5 F.  Then he really WAS fine. Hubs was all worried and kept wanting to give him more Advil but I had to stand my ground. The fever was necessary to kill the infection. Hubs wanted to take him into the ER, but I figured they wouldn’t be able to do anything, except just off more fever reducers. Hubs wanted the kid to sleep in the bed with us.  It was a long night.

Sure enough, Tuesday morning (yesterday) my little IM wakes up bleary eyes and clammy. He too is complaining that his stomach, head, and throat hurt. His temp is only 100.8 F, but I know what’s brewing so I called him out of school. He was totally okay with this. He had to come with me to a doctor’s appointment 45 minutes away. He was totally NOT okay with that. As the day wore on he wore out and his fever got worse and all he wanted was sleep. Once his fever hit 104.3 F I went ahead and gave him a dose of Advil. He was fine within an hour.

But, of course, today, Wednesday was wee RM’s turn. She has spent the morning with an immense headache and moaning that she’s fine and is ready to go to school. Except, there is vomit everywhere; on her, in her cereal, on the floor, on the cat… you really can’t come into my house without a hazmat suit right now. There were lots of tears when I informed her that pre-school was out of the question for today. And, her temp shot up to the 104 F mark as well. She too got a dose of Advil and within an hour dropped back down to 101.7 F.

It sucks seeing my kids sick. I just hate it! But more than anything I hate not being able to do anything about it. It’s a virus, I know that, but I also know there isn’t anything to be done except to make them comfortable and wait for their bodies to kick it’s butt. I always get anxious when they get fevers, after all, we are taught to fear fevers! We all “know” that if it gets too high it could cause brain damage…but how high does it have to be?…but they are kids! just bring the temperature down!

I don’t like this route. I truly believe in the human body and just how well it can function. The thing is, it is highly unlikely that a normal, otherwise healthy body is going to produce a fever high enough or long enough to cause brain damage (which is 106.7 by the way). In most circumstances the body will get as hot as it needs to kill the virus and then return to normal (of course monitoring is a super good idea!) My six year old kept being fed fever reducers and he was sick for three days! The other two however, showed improvement when I just let it run it’s course and brought the fever down after it got high enough to kill off the little germies that were making them sick to begin with. Their illnesses kept them out of the game a mere six hours compared to my eldest’s 72. The take away: Put the “medicine” away and let the body do it’s thing for a bit.

Which leads me to the next phase of The Plauge: When the Parents Get Sick. Dunn, dunn, DUNN!

There’s a 50/50 chance of me getting sick. I’m usually pretty good at avoiding stuff, but I am pregnant (again) and I catch things more often if I am pregnant. Hubs on the other hand? He WILL get sick. Probably Friday. And because he will insist on downing a bottle and a half of “medicine” he’ll be sick until Sunday. This, I am not looking forward to!


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