Let’s Have a F-AB-ulous February!

wpid-wp-1423149681986.jpegThat’s what it looks like outside my house right now. I am literally up to my eyeballs in snow! My picket fence is almost gone and you can’t even find my driveway.  There is no way to get to my shed that houses my Bowflex, weights, and treadmill. The path in the woods is waste deep and the shoulders on the roads are almost nonexistent.  What’s a girl to do?!

Out of safety,  I have given up on my running goals for the time being.  I’m not afraid of negative degree temps and I’m not afraid of slush.  But I am afraid of snow plows.  So, I need to find another way to keep myself in shape until I can hit the pavement again in the Spring.

Santa gave me a new bands set, and thankfully my lazy self never got them to the gym shed before the snow crashed down on us.  I also still have my trusty yoga mat in the closet, as well as some lovely videos and inspiration from the Internet.  There are a lot of options to stay healthy and get fit, even when you are under 3 feet of snow.


My mom belly needs a bit of assistance, so the abs and core will be my target area for the month of February…or as I’m going to call it, FABruary!

I’ll be using this lovely calendar from the DailyHiit Blog:
FABulous February Daily HiitI will be following my crunches with the 21 Day Bands Workout from Perfect Online using these puppies: wpid-wp-1423149702663.jpegAND, I will be ending my day with a video from the Ripped Page on Facebook.  She posts a new awesome workout video almost every day, so there is something new all the time.  And they are easy to modify and do in your own living room!  Plus, she is gorgeous and I wouldn’t mind have her ripped abs – they are FABulous! wpid-wp-1423150390769.jpeg

So, if all of that doesn’t make my tummy a little tighter and burn a few calories, then I don’t know what will!  It may not be a 15 mile run, but I’m sure it will be fun and satisfying nonetheless.  And we’ll be bringing out the crop tops in March!


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