Mother’s Day is a Sham

Mother’s Day is often promoted as a day to pamper Mom. Everywhere you look there are pictures, advertisements, deals, and carrying on about treating mom to meals out, the salon, a day at the spa, breakfast in bed, cute little trinkets of jewelry, etc, etc.  But let’s be honest; is that what ends up really happening? Or is Mother’s Day just another Sunday in a long line of regular Sundays? I know, I know some moms get the full Queen treatment, but I think most of us just have another regular day.

My day started at 7am when my husband opened the kids’ bedroom door and set them free.
I was awakened by two out of three of the kids jumping on my bed demanding cereal and milk.
I cleaned up four spilled cups of milk/juice/water
Cooked three meals which two noses snubbed at
Washed, dried and put away a load of laundry
Vacuumed at least half a dozen times
Broke up eight fights
Changed three sets of dirty pants and underwear
Fended off demands for snacks
Poured 15 bagillion cups of milk
Pulled a toddler, twice, out off of the pantry shelves
Wiped poop off the floor
Wipe poop off myself
Disinfected the bathroom, again
Mopped the kitchen floor
Took the garbage out to the curb
Showered and put the kids to bed (a half an hour late)
Washed the dishes

I did  get to:
   read 9 pages of my novel
   paint my toe nails
   take a shower with only one toddler in it

And I did get this from my son. He made it in his preschool school class.


It was not a day of pampering for me. There weren’t gifts from the jewelry store. And I didn’t even open a single card, hand made or otherwise. Today, like every other blessed day, I was Mommy and I did what moms do everywhere, everyday;
I washed a scraped knee
I read three bedtime stories
I nourished my kids
I played hide and seek
I cheered for my son who learned how to ride a bike
I removed two ticks
I applied copious amounts of sun screen
I made rings and bracelets out of dandelions
I snuggled, and cuddled, and sang
I played numerous games of I Spy
I pretended to go camping in the bedroom
I fell madly and deeply in love just a little more with my children.

Yup, just another regular Sunday.


Happy Mother’s Day to all you lovely and hard working mothers out there.


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