1000 Miles for 2014: April

Sadly, April was a bummer of a month for me. The miscarriage and D&C at the beginning of the month caused a lot of cramping which running seemed to exacerbate. I also fought to tame the plantar fasciitis which flared up (probably because of the 600 or so miles on my shoes!). I also took the time off to nurse my sinus infection that had been inflicting me for weeks on end.  When I did run I was tired, stiff, or just not in the mood, so most of my runs where fairly short jogs of nothing more than three miles. Yeah, I know, whiney excuses!

I ended the month with a mere 47.2 miles, which means all the lead I had gained last month is out the window. The Pace Bunny is at 329.8 while I am at 324.2 miles. I’m not too far behind to catch up and I know I can get back in the lead with a couple of long runs. Now that I’m healthy, I need to recommit and possibly find a race or two to keep motivated. But I also know I have to keep the bad moods at bay; suck it up and keep going!

May is going to be a productive month with speed, strength, distance, piece of mind, and possibly some trophies!


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