So Much Waiting In Rooms

One of the hardest things for me to do is sit and wait, especially in doctors’ offices.  I always feel as if I am wasting huge chunks of otherwise very useful time. And, because I don’t have games on my phone, I end up just sitting there, staring at the door and trying to will the nurse to come out and call my name. I mean, why set an appointment time, show up the five minutes early for paperwork to then just twiddle your thumbs and try not to catch anything for another twenty minutes.  AND THEN when they DO call you in and hand you a sheet to “change into”, they make you sit naked for another twenty minutes!  If you weren’t really ready for me, then why’d you call my name?
Because I currently live in Connecticut, I am working with UCONN Fertility Center as a satellite patient.  And let me tell you, they are busy!  The place opens up at 7:30, so I was there at 7:15.  I waited a good 45 minutes in the waiting room before my name was called and another ten in the exam room.  Blood draw was not as bad, but I did wait for a good ten minutes and they even skipped my name on the list!  Both the blood testing lab and the ultrasound room are done as first come first serve with a list of names and a time stamp.  It’s torture.  No matter how early you show up, there are at least five people in front of you.  And being a gestational carrier means that I will have hours more time to wait in doctors’ offices before this baby is born. I also can’t just walk out and go somewhere else since it’s not like there are other clinics to chose from.


I understand that there are many factors to why a doctors’ office or clinic would run behind, I really do.  But it’s still frustrating, especially since the patient has little control over it and few options.  I suppose the only thing one does have control over, especially with on going visits would be the reading material they bring with them.

On a good note…I had my third uterine ultrasound and blood draw on Thursday and everything looks great! My uterine lining is measuring at 12 mm, which is fantastic and thick (normal is 5mm, ideal is 7mm or more).  My estrogen levels are right where they need to be, so even though I need to continue taking the Delestrogen shots, I don’t need to change the dosage.  I am also done taking the Lupron shots (woot woot!) however, tonight I begin the Progesterone shots (also administered in the rear).  Progesterone will be taken for several more weeks.  The transfer date is scheduled for next week, so I’m getting excited for the trip.  Almost a whole week away in San Francisco with my husband and no kids is sounding pretty nice!


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