And the Surrogacy Story Begins (for real this time)!

Okay, a lot of stuff has happened since I last posted on the subject, so let’s play catch-up…

Back in August when my daughter (surprise baby #3) turned a year old, Hubs and I decided that I was now ready to begin another pregnancy.  I had been training for a marathon for several months, so I was in great shape, Baby Girl was beginning to nurse little less frequently, and I was about to turn 30.  It’s not that I’m getting too old, but hey, if we’re gonna do this, then let’s just do this!

I dug up the old Emails from the Surrogacy SOURCE, but April didn’t seem to be working for the company anymore. Instead my Emails were forwarded to a woman named Tricia. She still had my file and got the ball rolling quickly.  Because we had moved since the last In Home visit, I was asked to take lots of pictures of the inside & outside of my home (much cheaper than flying someone out for a day!) and I needed a psychological evaluation because it had been over a year.  The psych eval was actually a lot of fun and basically reiterated all the questions that had been asked at the In Home visit  two years before.  It was about an hour long and then I had to take a written personality test that was another hour or so.  Two days later I got a call from Tricia saying it was all good to go & all I had to do was supply her with an updated photo of the family and my profile would be complete.  Exciting!

My profile was up on the website for about a day when I was matched.  I never expected it to move along so fast!  The “Intended Parents” or IPs were an older couple from China who had been trying for 15 years and suffered through 10 miscarriages.  Their surrogacy plan was to use two surrogates simultaneously in the hopes of getting at least two babies at about the same time.  Because they live in China and do not speak English, their brother (we will call him Wayne here) who lives in San Fransisco California is working on their behalf.  We all got on a conference call; Hubs, Tricia, Wayne & his wife, both IPs, and myself.  It was a little bit difficult because there was a lot of pausing for Wayne to translate.  However, all in all everyone seemed to be very excited to move forward.  Hubs and Wayne especially seemed to hit it off, but I can’t say that I’m at all surprised since he’s friends with pretty much everyone.

In about a month, month and a half I made a whirl wind trip to San Fransisco to meet with the fertility doctor and to have my uterus checked out.  (I was told it was very thick and healthy).  I say it was a whirl wind because I was dropped off to take a shuttle to JFK airport at 11:30am, got on the plane at 6pm, and arrived in CA 6 hours later at 10pm their time (midnight my time).  I got up at 4am because I was just too excited and hadn’t adjusted to the time zone. Wayne and I spent the day checking out a few sites until the appointment at 1pm which lasted about an hour and a half.  After we got his wife from work, went to dinner, then rushed back to the airport for me to board at 10pm, fly another six hours and land at 7am (NY time), to take a shuttle back to Hartford. I finally made it into my home at 11:30am.  24 hours.

After that initial visit there was nothing but a lot of waiting around on my period and notarizing LOTS of documents and sending them back to the fertility doctors, the agency, the lawyers, and the insurance company.  During this time I was put on birth control to regulate/manipulate my cycle.  And wow, has that been an experience!  I haven’t been on the pill in six years and forgot what it could do to me!  I’ve spent the last month and a half incredibly moody (er, insanely angry), bloated, gaining weight (despite my regular exercise), and constantly craving Pringles.  However, my skin has been impeccably clear.

Just three days ago I began The Drugs.  I have to inject these *really* big needles filled with a drug called Lupron straight into my abdomen.  This is used to shut down my hormone cycle so that the doctors can manipulate it and get my uterus just the way they want it for the embryo transfer.  I was terribly afraid of side effects, but to be honest, after three shots of the stuff, I haven’t noticed anything at all.  In fact, I sometimes wonder if it’s working.  But I will write more on Lupron later.

So…basically that’s it. We are up to date now.  And I’m really going in for this.  It’s exciting and a wee bit scary.  But honestly, I can’t WAIT to be pregnant again. I love pregnancy, and I’m damn good at it, so I know that even though this couple has struggled for many years, I will be able to hand them a healthy, chunky, happy baby in less than a year.


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