How do I Declutter the Sentimental Stuff?


That is only one self in my home. That self represents one tiny fraction of the rest of my home. Sadly, most of my house looks like this. Nearly every surface is stacked with stuff…lots & lots of stuff. Hubs & I are pack-rats, stackers, borderline hoarders. And the worst part about it all is that all of it has sentimental value. We’ve been married for four and a half years and have moved to five different homes already. Every move has entailed ditching some junk; cartloads of it! We keep giving stuff away, throwing stuff away…but we still wind up with selves filled with knick-knacks of memories & special meaning. He has lots of things from his mother & grandmother that he can’t part with because they are from Latvia. I mostly have dolls & books from my childhood. All of it is “still good” but we know deep down that we just can’t keep it anymore, and that alone is stressful. Our last move has placed us in the largest space so far, and naturally it is the most cluttered. We are now in a three bedroom with full attic, basement and garage, and yet we are bursting at the seams with sentimental junk. We’ve discussed hiring a personal organizer to help us clean up our house for good, but we really can’t afford it. We’ve pondered purchasing large bins & basement shelving, but we know it won’t really solve the problem. So what DO we do with all this stuff? Certainly we can’t display it all. Certainly we can’t keep it all. I have come up with an idea. I plan on taking pictures of the stuff & finding out everything I possibly can about it like where it came from, who passed it down & why it’s special to the family. Then, I’ll write a story to go along with pictures to archive in albums. The items that just *can’t* be gotten rid of can be displayed & everything else can be sold, given away or otherwise gotten rid of. I know it will be hard for us, and I know it won’t happen overnight. But we are still young; our kids are still young, and there is a lot more stuff coming our way in the years ahead, so we need to make room for it now before we become over run with sentimentality & drown in our memories.


One response to “How do I Declutter the Sentimental Stuff?

  1. Let us know how you go with this!

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