Thankful #30: The Last Post

I am thankful that this is the final post for the 30 Days of Thanks.  Some nights it was a bit tough to get into writing, which I’m sure is more than obvious in many of the posts.  Some nights were at the end of such a hectic day that it was a bit tough just thinking of something that I was thankful for, let alone staying up long enough to write about it.  But I am very glad that I stuck it out.  I’m very glad that I took on the project because it forced me to write something, anything, and just like anything else, practice makes perfect.  Not only has this project forced me to write a little each day, but it has also forced me into thinking positively.  It’s so much easier to come up with something I dislike every day; there’s so  much to complain about in this world that being positive can be a chore.  I’m sure, though it may be tough, I could keep doing this.  And I just might (in my own personal journal that is).  After doing the 30 Days, I feel better about a lot of things.  There is so much good in my life!


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