Thankful #29: Help

I am thankful for all the help that has been extended to my family recently.  There has been an awful lot of craziness; new baby, house remodeling, a ridiculous number of doctor’s visits….and the juggling of three kids under four years can be dizzying.  I needed an MRI the other day & a friend readily offered to drive through snow & slush to come & watch my kids.  My father spends the whole day in a chilly house putting up drywall in my future bathroom.  Hubs & I truly appreciate the help, but we also appreciate the readiness with which friends & relatives offer their help.  It is very touching & we feel loved.

I also am thankful for my kids’ help.  They seem to have really caught on to all the hecticness that’s been going on & are offering their little hands in assistance.  They have been offering to help left & right; making their own beds, boxing up their own toys, and even attempting to wash their own dishes.  Their want to help move things along is very sweet.


IM & AM doing the dishes

To everyone who has helped us out, even in the smallest way, THANK YOU!


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