Thankful #28: My Momma’s Genes

So there is this holiday party for my husband’s company on Saturday night. I had my third kid about three months ago & I really didn’t want to have to buy another dress. Before I trekked out to the mall, I decided to go ahead & give my closet a shot. Maybe just maybe something I already had would fit. I found two cocktail/party dresses I hadn’t worn before. Both were kinda small; a plain black, short dress & a strange leopard/floral print, short dress. The black one was quite slim, but fit! I was rather impressed with myself. Then I tried on the other one. It also fit. No bulges could be seen. And that’s when my oldest son walked into my room. “Oh mom! I like that dress! It even covers your butt!” he exclaimed excitedly. Gee thanks kid!



Well, thanks to some fabulous genes from my momma, I will be wearing the butt-covering dress & NOT spending any extra money. Joy!


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