Thankful #26: Leftovers

Leftovers are awesome. It’s a practically free, ready made meal just sitting there in some tupperware waiting on a microwave. Sometimes leftovers are even better the next day. Often they are great when added to sandwiches or used to beef up the next night’s meal (I often do this with leftover beans). But sometimes leftovers aren’t so awesome. Sometimes you’ve just got to snack on what you’ve got.
A half dozen doughnuts were brought to our house on Saturday morning as the guys worked on the house next door. But I didn’t exactly want my boys munching on the sugary treats, so after everyone took what they wanted, I stashed the box & the remaining two up on the top of the fridge. Out of sight, out of mind & no whining about it.

And I promptly forgot all about them. That is, until this afternoon when I thought I might starve to death. There’s not much around the house food wise until payday, so my attempts at foraging have been less than fruitful. I hate to say it, but spotting the side of the bright pink box just made my day. I was a little less than enthused to find a single, broken, partially eaten glazed doughnut remaining. Yeah, it was a wee bit stale, insanely sweet, and I’m not entirely sure who was munching on it before me, but it staved off a hunger headache & along with some reheated coffee, I was able to make it through the rest of the afternoon until supper time. Maybe it’s gross, but today I was awfully thankful for that leftover, forgotten doughnut.


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