Thankful #24: Men at Work

Yes, I am still doing this! Just a few more days to go to hit my full 30 days of Thanks…

My family is moving into the house next door because it is bigger than ours. We are currently in a two bedroom & were ecstatic to discover that the neighboring three bedroom was available after RM’s birth. But the thing is, it needs a LOT of work. And we have until December 1st to get it move-in ready. We’re not there yet, but we’re getting there…

The biggest problems with this project is that one, Hubs has to go to work during the week. So that limits how much time he can be building a new house. And two, it’s all coming out of our pocket & we’ll be reimbursed through rent deductions. That means we can only get a limited amount of supplies at a time every two weeks when Hubs gets his paycheck. That has caused a couple of halts already.

BUT! we’ve been blessed with help. My father has been coming almost every weekend for the past month and a half. Just that extra pair of hands has proved to be extremely useful for Hubs. Also, Hubs’ step-father has come up from Florida to stay with us for two weeks to do work during the day while Martin is at a his day job. I’m sure that has saved us a few weeks worth. I know that if it weren’t for these men taking the time to help us out as intensely as they have for the past many weeks we would certainly not be making our deadline.


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