Thankful #23: My Education

I am thankful for my education.  I was fortunate enough to grow up in a town with a good school system & some fantastic teachers.  I was also fortunate enough to push may way through college.  And I’m fortunate enough to consider myself curious enough to be a lifelong learner.

I had a lot of great teachers as a kid.  My first & third grade teachers gave me “extra” work, which I didn’t necessarily appreciate at the time, but later came to understand that it wasn’t punishment but a blessing push forward.  My fourth grade teacher, though he couldn’t teach me long division, recognised my interest in ecological issues & bought books on the subject for my best friend & me.  My fifth grade teacher also gave me all the old text books that the school was going to throw out because he knew I enjoyed reading them.  I still have some.  My favorite teacher in middle school was my English, Reading, Math and Social Studies teacher.  She pushed boundaries by having 7th graders read Shakespeare.  She inspired me in so many ways.  She made me fall in love with reading & writing.  She reinforced my drive to create things.  I had many amazing, strict, hard, funny, and forgiving teachers in all subjects in high school.  Even my track coach was an essential teacher to me.  Looking back, I know I learned invaluable life lessons from every aspect of that school.  Thank you NHS!

I was hesitant in going to college because I was scared.  I was suffering from depression at the time, so heading out on my own into the big wide world was a little nerve wracking.  But I did it & I’m glad I did.  I lived in the dorms, lived with some friends, lived with a boyfriend, and even lived in my car.  I met all kinds of people, I lost track of all kinds of people.  I read everything I could.  I wrote down nearly every thought I could.  I loved some of my English teachers.  I truly enjoyed my science & economics classes.  I learned how to really read in History.  I learned how to dream in Philosophy.  I learned how to do Math (finally!)  I discovered that I was really good at deadlines, drinking games & filling out financial aid paperwork.

I’m still learning.  Though I’m done with school, I’m still reading text books, still researching random topics from natural birthing to how chemistry effects my environment.  I love watching documentaries about every subject.  I simply enjoy gathering information.  I’m an information hoarder!

I am thankful for all of this formal & informal education because I feel that it makes me more well rounded.  I know I’m not the smartest chick out there, but I am more confident due to what I do have.  I do feel that a degree can make you at least a bit more credible in your field and that the sheer quest for information is an education in and of its self.  I also believe that the information of the past helps move the world into the future and that remembering our history is key for development in all fields.  My education has also taught me to question & research other institutions of learning, especially those for my children.  Education has taught me the value of education & that it is a must to seek it out, to continue it, and to never give it up.


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