Thankful #22: Turkey Day!

I am thankful for Thanksgiving! I am thankful for this huge bird that we were able to get & share with our family & friends. I am thankful that we all had the time & space available to come together for a day and just hang out, eat good food, laugh at one another & be together.
It was my first year hosting Thanksgiving dinner. And thankfully Mommo was there to help me cook because I forgot a lot of things (like gravy). We had a good turn out, too. My husband & three kids, Hubs’ step dad, brother & his friend, my sister RV & her daughter (and her boyfriend once he got out of work), my brother WS & his girlfriend, my Mommo & Daddo, and myself. Ah, it was a giant table!

We (Hubs, WS, RV & myself) were in on a new surprise “grace” for my mom. Taken from ABC’s The Neighbors, after Hubs’ toast we proceeded with Bang Bang, Clap Clap, “Whoop Whoop!” After the confusion came the laughter. But then Mommo made us say the real grace. We recited it nicely, from memory, with faux feeling and everyone was happy.

Our dinner was delicious. Quinoa casserole with whole cranberries, braised brussel sprouts, spicey candied sweet potato casserole (secret ingredient was the cayenne pepper mixed with the brown sugar), bacon-mustard mashed potatoes, pumpkin bread, rolls, Pepperidge Farm stuffing, cranberry sauce (from a can!), sage & rosemary turkey from the rotisserie, pumpkin & pecan pies overwhelmed our table. It was fantastic and everything came out perfect.

It was a great day & I’m thankful that we have such a holiday. I know we shouldn’t have to set aside a day to get together & be thankful for what we have…it seems lame that we can’t be together & be thankful the rest of the year. But everyone is scheduled to the max & it is nice to have (almost) everyone have a forced day off. But in a really selfish way, I’m also glad that it isn’t all the time. It’s a lot of work. It’s a lot of time. It’s a lot of money. But I am thankful for my family, their significant others, my friends, and that super fine meal.

Gobble gobble!


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