Thankful #21: Interruptions

This post is being back dated because the other night, when I was trying to write a post, my baby kept interrupting me. RM just wanted to be up & playing. She gurrgled & cooed, she smiled & nursed like it was her job. She cried when I tried to hand her off to Daddy. I ended up giving up trying to get her to sleep in her own bed & just let her cuddle in the middle of us. Even though I didn’t get a chance to write that evening, I got a chance to play with my daughter. Though in the moment I may be a bit annoyed, I am very thankful for these interruptions. It’s as if the babies know they don’t have much time as babies, so they demand my attention. “Hey Mom! I’m not going to be this small & squishy for long, so cuddle me while you still can,” they seem to say. And it’s easy for me to not notice. There are so many things that grab my attention, that I want to do, try to do. I bake something (usually bread) almost every day; I do a load of laundry every day; I wash diapers, dishes, floors, butts, cat boxes, and bathrooms every day, sometimes multiple times a day. And I try to squeeze in some me time too; Facebook, reading, or writing. Sometimes I get lost in all of this stuff & when I’m elbow deep in sudsy water, it can be hard to get down on the floor & play. But those babies don’t let me stay distracted for too long. They remind me when they need Mommy time & I forgo a bit of writing for some wonderful, blissful Interruption Time.


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