Thankful #19: Prescription Strength

I went to the doctor last week because of an array of symptoms & issues that have been bringing me down.  One of the biggest problems was chronic headaches, possible migraines.  The other main concern was my shoulder/rotator cuff that I strained in a trip down the stairs about a month ago.  Because I am nursing my daughter & refuse to ween at this point, there aren’t any migraine medications that I can safely take.  I was prescribed 500mg of naproxen.  And I was given some physical therapy exercises for my arm.

The prescription did nothing for my headaches, but it did lessen the arm ache.  And that’s a good thing since I still have to hold my daughter to nurse her, and that can be very uncomfortable with a bum arm.  I had tried nearly everything to ease up the muscle pain, to no avail.  Man am I thankful for that prescription!


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