Thankful#16: My Family

AM had to see the cardiologist for his consultation and I had a lot of questions to ask about the impending surgery.  Right now I’m a very controlled basket-case.  But I know I won’t crack because my husband comes with me & helps keep everything smooth.  Sure, it was a little obnoxious this morning.  Hubs took the day off from work and all five of us trudged into the hospital to meet the staff & tour the facility.  IM kept having to take potty breaks & RM needed to be nursed, but we were all there for AM.  It was suggested that we get a baby sitter for the younger two during the operation (or one of us stay home), but that just isn’t going to happen.  We will all be there for him when he wakes up because he needs us.  IM needs to be there because they always wake up together.  I need to be there to comfort him.  RM needs to be there because I am her food source.  I need Hubs to keep me from getting too antsy when the procedure starts taking too long.  He needs all of us.  I am so thankful that we are a close family.  I am thankful that we can band together, or around each other, and not be just a messy group of five people, but rather a single unit.  We are family.  I am so thankful to be inside of this strong little family.


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