Thankful #15: Asus & Apps


“There’s an app for that.” I used to think that was such a dumb commercial. What the heck was an app & why did I need one? Oh, that’s right…I need one for *everything*! From managing meals, to playing words games, to being “financially responsible”, there is an app for all my needs. And applications on my tablet are my favorite vice. I love playing word games & puzzles in the evenings; I know I couldn’t keep my house clean without my Chores Checklist Lite app; obviously my Nook app is a must. My Asus tablet was a Christmas gift two years ago. And oh, what a mighty tablet it is! Before the tablet, I had an Asus mini laptop, which was good, but not great. And then we were robbed. Hubs replaced my stolen laptop with an array of mobile wifi devices; a smart phone, Nook, and then the Asus tablet. It took me awhile to warm up to using apps and get over not having a PC to write on anymore. But once I got my mind wrapped around the individual programs, I found it easy, breezy & fun. And there are apps that the kids can play with, which is super good fun on rainy days. And speaking of kids…this tank of a computer gets dropped, stepped on, thrown & puked on at least once a day and it still works!! I’ve had nothing fail, even when my toddler ripped the keyboard from the tablet (instead of pushing the button & gently lifting) and began picking off the keys one at a time. I have to say that I am thankful for my tablet because it is such a good (and sturdy) tool. It allows me access to the Internet for Googling anything & everything that enters my head as well as keeping up with my blog. It keeps me connected to the rest of the world through the Facebook app and the news app. It lets me keep a journal, a photo album, movies, recipes/menus/grocery lists, and quick access to CraigsList all in one convenient place. It lets me feel organized & tidy. It lets me feel productive. Maybe I don’t need an app for everything, but I sure do like them.


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