Thankful #13: Farm Fresh


Aren’t these eggs just the most beautiful eggs you’ve ever seen? They came from my back yard and I am completely in love with them. Living on a farm has it’s perks, and one of those perks is that your landlord isn’t annoyed when you want to raise your own chickens. Raising your own chickens if fairly cheap & easy, plus you get some added tick & mosquito control in the summer. We spend about $12 a month or so on a sack of feed that is purchased from Ace Hardware, so we win there (we eat a lot of eggs & for organic-free range eggs we’d easily spend more than $20 a month). A lot of people claim that fresh eggs taste better than grocery store eggs (sadly, I do not taste a difference…but I will take everyone’s word for it!). There is also an array of health benefits associated with fresh eggs; less cholesterol, more vitamin A, E & beta carotene. Grocery store eggs, even the organic kinds, are washed in various chemicals, which is scary since egg shells are very porous. That means you are consuming those chemicals. MY eggs are washed in warm water & vinegar. There’s also the environmental benefit of raising your own chickens (or buying farm fresh) vs. commercially produced eggs. Basically, if you want to change just one thing about your diet, eat fresh eggs since everyone gets the most benefits.

I know I’ve already gushed about life on the farm, but I am truly thankful that my family gets to experience healthy eating. I am thankful for our own little flock of chickens & their delicious, nutritious eggs. (I am also thankful that I’m not spending an arm & a leg on eggs any more!)



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