Thankful #12: Chairs & Few Followers


So I asked my husband what I should be thankful for today.  His response was “Oh! Oh! Write about chairs!!  Think about it; you can sit on them.  I mean, where would this world BE if it weren’t for chairs?”   Umm, sitting on the floor I guess.

Okay, I’m not really thankful for chairs.  That’s silly.  But, oddly enough, I am rather thankful that my readership is extremely low so I’m not letting anyone down when I have a cop-out post about chairs.  ‘Cause, you know, sometimes writers just get lazy & run out of things to be thankful for.

(In all seriousness though, I AM thankful for the chair pictured above because it isn’t just a chair.  It has a shelf on the bottom where I store my daughter’s diaper stuffs.  It also folds out to a ladder so I can reach the attic.  Awesome piece of furniture.)


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