Thankful #11: Warning Labels

I am so thankful that warning labels come on *everything* now. I mean, if it weren’t for warning labels, how else would I know to keep my infant daughter’s doll away from fire. And how would I know not to set my baby’s Bumbo seat on top of a table, that I shouldn’t leave my child unattended on the changer in the public restroom, or that I shouldn’t let my baby play with the empty plastic packaging that the diapers came in. How in the world would I be aware of all the dangers that lurk on this crazy planet, just waiting to leap out & attack my poor, innocent off spring if it weren’t for warning labels. Oh, that’s right: common sense!

Not setting the children’s toys ablaze might be chalked up to mother’s intuition though. And it’s mother’s intuition that I am truly greatful for. I know when my kids are sick before they show symptoms. I know, without even glancing out the window, if they have stepped one toe out of the yard, and I know just what they want for lunch before they come bounding in yelling “I’m hungry!”

Before I had my own children I didn’t really believe in “mother’s intuition”. I just thought it was some silly thing that women said. But now that I am a mother, I am aware. Intuition isn’t just something that you know, it’s something that you feel. I can feel their needs and wants ahead of them and I love that part about being a mom. It makes me feel a little bit psychic. And sometimes it makes me feel a little bit like a superhero. But the whole intuition-factor helps me to connect with my children. While some parts of parenting may seem like common sense, other parts take a bit more “creativity”. My mother’s intuition takes some of the edge off of that creativity, makes it a bit more tolerable. I am thankful that mothers are given the gift of intuition to make their jobs a wee bit easier and the tool to bring them that much closer to their children.


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