Thankful #6: Political Campaigning Ends Today!

I am so thankful that today is Election Day because now the incessant mud-slinging, party bashing, whining, crying and fact filtering will cease to litter up my Facebook wall. For four more years I won’t be subjected to rude, witty, or flat out lying manipulations and interpretations of the truth in order to attempt to win my vote. Television ads will go back to mundane household items (but wait, there’s more!) & creepily animated prescriptions ads. I will sit back & watch the results on the John Stewart & Steven Colbert shows (that’s right, I don’t even watch real news outlets anymore), laugh about it, maybe shake my head, do a few face palms then go to bed. And then it will be quiet. Done, over. Whomever wins, wins and we can all come back & attempt this again in four more years.


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