Thankful #5: Living on a Farm


I cannot stay put. I have to move on a regular basis. You can blame it on my commitment issues, on the gypsy blood…whatever you like. But I don’t like living in the same place for very long. I get bored. I get annoyed. I change my mind a lot. I moved out of my parents when I was 18 to go live in the college dorms. I changed dorm buildings almost every semester until my junior year when I moved off campus. Then I moved at least every six months. In ten years I’ve lived in nine different cities in three different states. I’ve only fulfilled one lease in my adult life.

We lived in Springfield, MA for a year and a half and it felt like an eternity. I wanted to leave after three months, but moving with kids is really hard, and it was the best location at the time for Hubs’ work. I didn’t like the city, the neighborhood, or the landlord. When I read the CraigsList ad that there was a “2BD/1BA on farm setting” that was within our budget, I was ecstatic. I checked out Google Maps and saw that it was next to a mountain and a reservoir, had tons of space, and a half mile long dirt road. When we drove up to view it, we fell in love. I knew that this wasn’t some rental; this was home.

We haven’t fulfilled the year lease, yet, but I still love it here and we expect to spend many years here. Every time I journey down my road I am in awe at the natural beauty of the place. And every time I pull onto the the road, I am happy to be coming home. My kids have a 120 acres on an educational farm, complete with learning centers and animals, to grow up with. We have ample space to learn farming on our own and grow our own gardens. We have access to the summer camps & festivals that the farm has every year and we have the freedom to just LIVE in our rental cottage without the intrusive hounding of a controlling landlord. And we have the joy of wonderful neighbors. The farmer lives down the road with his family and we’ve easily befriended the other residents that rent the other four cottages. I really couldn’t have asked for anything more perfect. I am so thankful to have the opportunity to live at Auer Farm.


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