Thankful #4: Baby Smiles

I was a little less than enthused when I discovered my third pregnancy.  I was only slightly terrified about how we could pay for it; both financially and emotionally.  Two boys was a lot for someone who, only a few years ago didn’t want any children at all.  We were also a one-income family with a substantial amount of debt.  But all my fears, anxiety and hesitation subsided at 6am on August 10th when my labour began.  About three weeks later I got my first smile.

Oh, I am so thankful for baby smiles!  No matter how stressed or tired or mad I may be, my baby girl will still smile when I walk into the room & my heart melts.  When she smiles her big blue eyes sparkle like something magical and I know there is no reason to fear that.  I love trading smiles for nursing, dry diapers, and little jingle toys.  When my toddler boys laugh together or fall into gales of giggles while we play Funky Parade, I am truly validated in my role as their mother.  Those smiles are the most wonderful payment and I am heavily compensated for my job.  I value and treasure each grin and giggle.



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