Thankful #3: Facebook & my Smart Phone

It’s a double wammy today.  Yup, I’m thankful for two things.  They may seem insignificant and shallow on the surface, but they are extremely useful tools.

At first I didn’t like social networking sites.  This was back when I was too cool to like anything that the masses thought were cool.  Sure, I’d set up a MySpace account or Facebook profile, but I’d never update, check my messages or accept friend requests.  That is, until I realized that all my friends had moved away and I was stuck in a really scary place down in Florida all by myself.  I turned to the Internet before I got too lonely and depressed.  And in a few key strokes I had found all my old friends, made a few more, reconnected with family members from the other side of the country and joined a slew of fun groups.  I am not a social person so if it weren’t for Facebook then I wouldn’t know about all the weddings, babies, graduations, and amazing career paths that some of my classmates have taken.  I want to know about these things.  I want to know what people are up to and I want to share what I’m up to.  Facebook is a wonderful tool for those of us who are shy or anti-social.  It streamlines human interaction into a neat package.  It works for me and I am thankful that I have it as an option to keep my friends and family up to date with my life.

I’m also thankful for my smart phone.  Silly, I know.  Surprise, surprise, I also used to dislike smart phones.  They seemed so unnecessary and distracting to me.  I swore I’d never get one.  But when my lap top and camera were stolen, my husband got me one.  He felt bad that I couldn’t check my Emails or post to Facebook, so he got one to help me through the tough time.  It turns out that I absolutely love this little package of smartness!   I use it more as a camera than a phone, which is my favorite part.  I’m obessed with taking pictures of my kids.  I mean, I’ve had the phone for just over a year and have more than 5,000 pictures on it.  I love that I can edit the pictures right there on the device and then up load them via wifi to an Email or post.  And I love that I can even write a blog post (complete with pictures) on the WordPress app.  I can keep notes on it while I’m out & about and away from the computer; I can sync my calendar with my husband’s phone; I can measure the distances of my runs; I even have a GPS on there so I can see if my husband has left work yet (or he can see where I am on my runs).  I am thankful to have it…now that I have it.  I don’t think it’s something I need, just something I really like.  But I do have to admit that it does make a lot of things easier.

It’s good to try out things you don’t like.  You might end up being thankful for them later.


2 responses to “Thankful #3: Facebook & my Smart Phone

  1. I absolutely love it when something I had previously avoided turns out ot be great! Good post.

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