Thankful #2: Easy Children

Not everyone knows this, but I’m really lazy. And temperamental. And mean. And cold & dead inside. And none of these things go well with motherhood. And my kids totally got the short end of the stick on that and I’m sorry for it. But, I am thankful that my kids are extremely easy going. They really know how to roll with the punches. Even when they act out, they aren’t as bad as I know they could be. I’ve had moms ask me how I stay as calm as I do and I know that “I just don’t care” isn’t an appropriate response, though, often it’s the truth. The reality is, my kids are crazy good kids, like maybe they aren’t from this planet good. Yes, they have their moments when they act like normal, average aggravating toddlers, but most of the time they do make my life pretty darn easy. Even though the not-quite-two-year-old gave up naps at a year and a few weeks, I’ve had very few sleeping issues with all three of my kids and sleeping through the night at a stupidly early age. And, despite the time stamp on some of my blog posts, this momma really likes her sleep. They also aren’t allergic to anything, don’t have any disorders or diseases, are a bit ahead of the learning curve, and are super easy to toilet train. My kids are intuitive. If I wind up feeling ill, or in a mood, or just wicked busy because I’m behind on chores or writing or remodeling houses, they seem to just know that they need to give Mommy some space for a bit. They don’t harass me too much when I’m busy pulling my hair out over other things and sometimes they even pitch in. Their favorite chores are feeding the cat, scrubbing the cabinets, and mopping the kitchen floor. I can’t complain about that, especially when they peacefully work together to get the chores done. They understand the routine that’s been set up and follow through almost every time. I can’t begin to tell you how thankful I am for that. My kids are healthy and strong. My older son has a bit of a heart glitch and my younger son seems to have some skin sensitivities, but they are like rock walls. They are almost never sick and basically can’t be broken. I don’t have to worry about them getting into poison ivy, or messing with the farm animals, or running off where they’re not supposed to be. I can send them out to play and not worry too much about them getting hurt. They know I’m watching from the kitchen windows and stay in my sight lines, or else. Not worrying too much makes my job incredibly easy, which is good because of my lazy factor. And my temperamental meanness. I feel bad when my mom friends have troubles with their children, be it behavior issues, food allergies, or whatever it is. Sometimes I wish I could just trade kids for a day or a week to give them a break. From my little experience, I do know that stressing over mom-issues suck; it’s just the worst kind of stress and it’s an on going stress that will never go away, even after the kids grow up. So, yeah. My kids rock and I am oh so thankful for just how easy they are making motherhood for me, because, quite honestly, I really like being their mom.


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