Another Challenge; No More Prepackaged Foods!

Hamburger Helper

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Today I listened to this article on NPR, Controversy Swirls Around Harsh Anti-Obesity Ads.  While I didn’t really find the article to go too in-depth into anything important, I did find the comments (on the Facebook page) to be a bit worrisome.  There were many complaints about the costs of healthy foods as well as the time necessary to make said healthy foods. Now I understand that we have all grown up with Hamburger Helper & since we are living in a duel income society, anything other than a boxed meal is daunting.  A lot of people in my generation do not really know how to cook, so they end up filling their freezers with prepared & processed meals.  But the cost thing?  I honestly don’t get that.  I mean, sure, maybe if you are attempting all organic of some rare fresh fruits, but frozen or canned veggies are just as good, if not better than fresh & cost significantly less than fast food.  A sack of potatoes is certainly cheaper than it’s weight in french fries; it’s all in what you do with that sack of potatoes! I decided, again, to become a stay-at-home-mom at the end of August.  We figured that I would stay home with the boys until the youngest one was in school full time, then I’d go back to working.  There were lots of reasons why we decided to do this, and most of those reasons boiled down to money.  The cost of two working parents is actually a great deal.  And I’m not talking about missing moments like Jr’s first steps, I mean actual dollars and cents.  One of those money reasons had to do with food.  One, my husband & I were eating too much fast food for lunches and two, I was always so stressed & pressed for time that dinners went by the wayside & all too often we ordered out, went out, or ate frozen pre-made meals.  I felt sluggish & guilty, and knew that if I only had more time, I could focus on making fresh bread, shopping at Farmer’s Markets, canning fruits & veggies, and so on. But I’ve slacked.  I haven’t fully made use of my time & have taken a lot of short cuts.  Having children and cleaning up after them makes it hard.  And so, I do buy frozen packages.  Yes, I do make a lot of things from scratch, but certainly not what I could.  And I KNOW that it would be more cost effective to make my own pierogies instead of buying them, as it would for so many other things.  Now, my children are not obese, but I can’t tisk-tisk at the complainers to the ad campaign if I don’t actually eat better myself.  I think it’s time for a challenge! For at least one month, I will not buy anything from the frozen section (except for my usual peas & corn), nor will I purchase boxed rice, pasta, and the like.  If I can find a recipe for it, I will make it.  Sure, it may be a bit difficult at first, but I’m sure I can do it without too many issues.  I’ve already cut out all foods that have hydrogenated oils and high fructose corn syrup, and that wasn’t too bad.  I’m a bit excited for this.  I’m going to prove that eating healthy, REAL food can be done, especially on a budget.


One response to “Another Challenge; No More Prepackaged Foods!

  1. I clearly need to pick your brain about doing fresh, home made stuffs on a budget. Honestly, I keep trying to knock down our grocery expenditures and am finding it all but impossible. Ugh.

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