Lawn Guy & His Trailer

My landlord is a strange lady. She likes to be in complete control, and she is also very cheap. When my family moved in a year & a half ago, we offered to save her some money & take care of the lawn & snow removal ourselves. She refused saying that she wanted to be in charge of the grounds, per the lease agreement. Ok, fine.

Well, the first month, which was June, the lawn guy never showed up. So my husband cut the grass. No biggie. Well oh man was she mad! She shook her finger at him as if he were a delinquent teenager & yelled that he was violating the lease agreement! She revoked our “shed storage privileges”, changed the locks AND took the lawn mower away because she didn’t trust us. She ended up cutting the grass herself that season.

No one came for snow removal that winter.

At the beginning of this past summer she decided that it was too much for her to cut the grass herself. Again, we offered to help, again she was snippy about it. Instead she hired a different landscaping company. Kiel Landscaping. And she must only be paying the man 20 bucks a week since he does the most half @$$ed job I’ve ever seen! He never cleans up the clippings, trims, or edges. Oh, and he ALWAYS parks across my driveway so I can’t get in or out. It’s aggravating only because we have the trashiest lawn in our neighborhood, but we can’t do much about it.

Often, my husband will try to do some of the edging himself & lately I’ve been doing all the raking myself. Again, it’s no big deal. We enjoy the work & the exercise, just not being scolded for something as stupid as raking leaves!

Well, our landlord came to do her quarterly inspection last week & asked why the fallen tree branches (from the Nor’easter that dumped 20 inches of snow on Oct 31st…that’s right branches from a month & a half ago!) when he did the leaves. I was confused.
“No one came for leaves,” I said, “I’ve been doing them.”
“That’s not true,” the landlord snapped back. “I’ve been charged twice for leaves!”

Now, I know that leaf removal can be expensive. Some of my friends were getting quotes of $400 & $600!! We told her that no, we hadn’t seen anyone since long before the storm. She was not pleased with this information.

Guess who sheepishly pulled up to my driveway JUST now?! Yup, the lawn guy & his Kiel trailer. The poor man is out there mowing frozen grass & raking frozen leaves into bags. Ya get what ya pay for, I guess.  And to think that if she hadn’t been so suborn, cheap & “in control”, then the job would have been done better & for free.   But it’s not my house, yard, or concern.

It’s too bad that the last yard waste removal truck of the season rolled by an hour ago.


One response to “Lawn Guy & His Trailer

  1. Sure wish I had you as a tenant. Ever think about moving south?

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