Where Have I Been?

Overwhelming stuff is everywhere! I haven’t written in oh so long because I’ve been oh so wrapped up & “busy” with everything else! I haven’t been doing anything terribly important, and I have to admit that I HAVE had some time to write. However, my brain has been too scattered to focus on a single topic to write about it. Let’s see…what’s been going on…

I took a vacation to Burlington, VT with my two boys, by myself! That was a task & a half that shall not be attempted again for several more years.

I’ve been reading, sort of. And following a few of the new sitcoms, sort of. Nothing has been terribly thrilling.

I’ve been baking a LOT of bread.

November was too warm. Though MA got a ton of snow at the end of October & I “winterized” the house just in time, I still have yet to turn on the heat. Right now it is currently 67 degrees in my house & the doors are open! Ugg.

I’ve decided to home school my two & a half year old (at least for a few years), but can’t figure out where to start. I’ve printed off a lot of worksheets, read many-a-website, and ordered some books. But still, nothing official has begun.

I feel guilty about that last one.

Occupy Wall Street, who the president didn’t mention on Thanksgiving, remaining politically correct on Facebook, riving my broken Nook & downloading an app for my smartphone have all taken up a big chunk of time.

Oh, and not to mention gift shopping, gift wrapping & attempting to visit Santa with the kids.

That reminds me…I need to go think about making some holiday cards!

So…yeah…that’s where I’ve been & where I probably will be for the next couple of weeks.


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