A Half a Step Further…Background Check Complete

My husband got a call the other day from April, our contact with the Surrogacy Source.  She was concerned because while doing the background check, she discovered that he had an arrest & wanted to speak with him about it.

Yup, hubby’s been to jail.  Twice.  Both were because of driving with a suspended licence (due to unpaid tickets) & being pulled over for really stupid stuff.  He’s spent two nights in jail & has had to pay heavy fines to get his license reinstated.  He’s not proud of it, but it happened nearly ten years ago & there really isn’t anything that can be done about it.

Now, April gave him the impression that everything would be fine with that information (as long as his license was current now).  She assured him that she would be calling me or Emailing me later that day about an online profile, etc, etc.  Granted, there is a five hour time difference (she is on the west coast, we are on the east), but I did not receive any indication from her that I had been selected to be a part of the program until four days later when I Emailed HER asking if there was anything missing that she might need from me.  Her response came quickly enough & she let me know that I had an online profile.  I tried to check it out, but apparently you have to log in some how.  It has already been set up for me, but I am one of two out of fifteen that do not have photos, which is a bummer.

I am a little unsure about this company now simply because of the time lapses between communication.  It was nearly a month from the time that I completed their online questionnaire to the time I got the initial phone call, and another almost two months from that phone call until the In Home visit.  From the visit to the end of the background check was another month.  I still have not had my psychological profile/screening completed, though I am apparently in the system & being advertised as “available”.

I do hope that the next several steps go a lot faster.  I’d really like to get this pregnancy started!


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